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Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP) is an engineering and environmental consultancy, offering solutions for environmental issues through our specialised range of services.


We have experts in areas that include contaminated land and hazardous waste, stormwater management, geology and geotechnics, hydrology and river engineering, aquatic ecology, groundwater, geospatial services, civil engineering, air quality, consents and environmental management, coastal, wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

We also help our clients in areas including Climate Change, Transport, Three Waters, Defence, Housing, Innovative & Digital Solutions, Meat & Dairy, Quarries & Mines and Solid Waste. 


We are always looking for people to join our team. We're focused on doing great work, for great clients, as part of a fantastic team. 

We're growing rapidly and always welcome applications from engineers, scientists, ecologists and specialists in the environmental consultancy field. 

Our Grad applications open in June! Click here for more info.