Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land

Providing the best advice and solutions for your Contaminated Land project...

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Engineers and Scientists provide the best available technical and practical advice to support and guide our clients through the complexities of contaminated land management in New Zealand.  We have built a reputation as the industry leaders at the forefront of legislation, guidance, and industry best practice across the sector. Our proven track record of a quality service offering over many years and ongoing partnerships with a large range of clients through public and private sector, mean we have the strongest reputation of all providers in New Zealand. Our team comprises ‘Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioners’ (SQEPs), as well as licenced asbestos surveyors and assessors to provide the necessary quality assurance and certification for projects.


 We investigate, assess and provide management solutions for  a diverse range of contaminated sites including for the petroleum industry, commercial/industrial and large-scale residential developments, former market gardens, sheep dips, horticultural and timber treatment sites, ports and airports, former gasworks sites, pesticide storage depots, landfills, asbestos-impacted soils and asbestos building surveys/clearances, and illicit methamphetamine laboratories with experience attained over several thousand sites.

Our team was one of the earliest specialised firms in New Zealand focusing on contaminated land and as a result we are one of the largest most experienced consultancies at the leading edge of practice. We maintain an edge by actively leading and participating in the advancement of professional practice through contributions to workshops, conferences, guideline document development, membership of expert panels and submissions to consultation documents.


Services that we provide:

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) in accordance with the National Environmental Standard (NES) Soil Contaminant Standards.

  • PSIs to determine contamination sources from past and present land use activities
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) involving intrusive site investigations of soil, ground gas, groundwater, air, sediment and surface water conditions
  • Pre-purchase/due diligence contaminated land property assessments
  • Advice on optimise soil management and disposal options to assist with all land development projects

Environmental Monitoring and Contaminant Modelling

  • Monitoring of contaminants in air, groundwater, ground gas and surface water
  • Fate and Transport contaminant modelling

Risk Assessment

  • Conceptual Site Models to assess risks to human health and the environment
  • Detailed Tier 2 and 3 risk modelling of environmental and human health risk

Regional Consents, NESCS Consents and HAIL Assessments

  • Preparation of resource consent applications under the NES Regulations, territorial and regional authorities
  • Assessment of environmental effects (AEE)
  • Identification of Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) land uses
  • Provision of expert evidence for hearings, District Court and the Environment Court
  • Independent technical peer review of consultant reports


Remediation and Management

  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans and Site Management Plans
  • Design, construction and supervision of remedial works (e.g. excavation, land farming, encapsulation, stabilisation, pumping and treating of groundwater)


PFAS and other Emerging Contaminants

  • Leading experts in the investigation and management of PFAS in the New Zealand environment
  • Full service from desktop assessment, sampling investigations, contaminant modelling, remedial options assessment, through to remediation, management and long term monitoring
  • Independent technical peer review of consultant reports


Asbestos building and ground contamination

  • Licenced Asbestos Assessors, building surveyors, professional advisors.
  • Asbestos management, demolition and refurbishment surveys, Asbestos removal management plan review, Asbestos remedial assessments, monitoring, and clearances including clearance certificates.
  • Risk assessment and remediation management of asbestos contaminated soils
  • Asbestos awareness training


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