Air Quality

Air Quality

Our team is at the forefront of the air quality profession.


Our scientists and engineers are leaders in advising on the air quality effects of activities and their management, mitigation, and monitoring for all sectors.  We cover discharges to air from industrial processes, waste management, quarries and construction activities, providing assessments of odour, particulate matter, dust and gaseous emissions including greenhouse gases (GHGs). 

Our advice supports resource consent applications for discharges to air and GHGs.  We also undertake monitoring, compliance and reporting of air discharges, to meet consent requirements. 

Services that we provide:

  • Resource consent applications: technical reports to support assessments of environmental effects working with our planning team.
  • Air quality monitoring: Ambient and indoor air quality monitoring, landfill gas testing and soil gas measurement. 
  • Air dispersion modelling: predictive modelling for environmental impact assessments and risk assessments for accidental releases using the latest tools. 
  • Emission estimation: development of emission inventories for sites and airsheds 
  • Combustion systems: assessment, design, optimisation and emissions management. 
  • Odour assessment, control and management: Investigation of odour problems, including field odour studies, odour measurement and modelling, design of odour control system and preparing odour management plans. 
  • Dust assessment: evaluation of dust sources, risks and recommending controls. 
  • Regional policy and plans: advice, including compliance through to expert witness evidence during plan development and hearings. 
Air Quality Staff