Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

We have monitoring specialists who can assess and evaluate your environmental and process activities.


Our team can provide the latest technical monitoring advice, and design and construct cost-effective monitoring solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

We provide a range of monitoring services for water, air, and soil environments. We have provided monitoring services to New Zealand councils, and a diverse range of industrial and commercial clients. Our team have the expertise to design monitoring stations, equipment to collect your data and software to analyse and manage your monitoring data to the New Zealand National Environmental Monitoring Standards (NEMS).

Services that we provide:

  • Air/landfill gas monitoring
  • Water quantity and quality monitoring
  • Stormwater treatment device performance/maintenance assessments
  • Proprietary device evaluations
  • Environmental effects assessment & remote sensing
  • Environmental monitoring station design and builds
  • Telemetry services, data management and auditing following NEMS
  • Safety and design reporting to support long-term monitoring station operation
  • Sediment transport monitoring

Water Quality and Quantity Assessments

The assessments of water quality effects and/or water quantity (flow rates) from site discharges, assessment of a treatment device performance or the understanding of a treatment device’s maintenance needs are common conditions required with resource consents.

We have the specialist expertise and experience to understand the monitoring requirements and provide sound technical advice and staff to achieve these consent requirements. We are also able to meet your temporal and spatial water quality trend analysis needs.

We have experience with:

  • Scientific design of water quality and water quantity monitoring programmes per NEMS
  • Flow monitoring using the latest Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler technology
  • Water quality monitoring and data interpretation and analysis of all common water quality parameters
  • Ultra-trace water quality monitoring that is compliant with US EPA 1669 sampling techniques for emerging contaminants
  • Sediment load assessments using New Zealand-recognised sampling equipment and methodologies
  • Regional council liaison and preparing environmental effects assessments and monitoring plans to meet resource consent requirements
  • Research and evaluation assessments for current and future stormwater proprietary treatment devices
  • Provision of expert evidence for hearings, District Court and the Environment Court
  • Training your staff to do water quantity and quality monitoring

Design and Installation of Monitoring Stations

We can design and install monitoring stations to meet your needs. We can prepare a ‘Safety in Design’ report to demonstrate that your station has considered the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015.

Our specialists understand the latest monitoring equipment available. We design and install simple monitoring stations right through to complex remote monitoring stations that require telemetry services.

We have experience with:

  • Monitoring equipment specification and station design
  • Safety in design reports
  • Monitoring station installation and project supervision
  • Telemetry; including SCADA and GPRS networks
Environmental Monitoring Staff