Our Advisory team integrates our core expertise in infrastructure and environmental solutions, with industry-leading expertise in Te Ao Māori, climate change, and asset management.


Our creative thinking and sound business acumen supports our clients to make informed and confident decisions about the important infrastructure, cultural and climate challenges facing Aotearoa New Zealand.

We bring strong hands-on experience across all aspects of these challenges, allowing us to take a holistic view of our clients’ businesses, with the understanding that whatever the issue we are solving, people are central to the decisions made, including boards, staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Embedding Te Ao Māori into our clients’ decisions is vital.  Our Māori advisory team are an integral part of our business providing advice on the cultural aspects of infrastructure projects and helping to incorporate these aspects into our clients’ business.

Much of Aotearoa New Zealand’s infrastructure is directly affected by climate change and no investment decision would be complete without considering the risks and associated impacts of climate on asset performance, and the environmental footprint of the investment itself. In addition, business operations and activities are increasingly subject to scrutiny of their carbon footprint and their risk exposure.


Services that we provide:

Māori and cultural advisory

  • Strengthening awareness and integration of te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori into our clients’ business
  • Incorporating cultural values and considerations effectively within infrastructure projects
  • Facilitation, engagement and stakeholder relationships with iwi, hapū, whānau, marae and Māori entities


Climate adaptation and mitigation

  • Climate maturity assessments, strategy and planning, climate disclosures
  • Community and stakeholder engagement, geospatial analysis, communication
  • Emissions reduction planning, RMA consents, carbon sequestration, and embodied and lifecycle carbon analysis
  • Climate risk and exposure, adaptation, spatial planning, dynamic adaptive policy pathways and climate resilience.

Asset management

  • Strategic planning, business case development, and management of built infrastructure
    Asset and network optimization and risk management
    Infrastructure investment optimisation


Business optimisation

  • Organisational capacity building
    Commercial and transactional advice
    Renewable energy planning, project management and implementation
    Process engineering

Advisory Staff