Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Commissioning and operating municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Our people have a strong track record for successfully commissioning and operating municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and effluent disposal systems for clients throughout New Zealand.

Our expert team provides specialist engineering and scientific services in sewage treatment and disposal, and the development of sewerage infrastructure.  We are adept at deploying a range of biological, chemical, and physical treatment processes, and engage closely with our clients to find the perfect solution for their specific challenges.

Beyond our expertise in municipal treatment plant design and commissioning, we are also at the forefront of on-site wastewater and trade waste management, developing novel solutions to address the unique challenges that come with specific site constraints and demands.  We particularly excel in advanced land treatment methodologies, working to optimise waste assimilation while mitigating environmental effects.

Our various specialisations ensure we can provide high-value and tailored solutions backed by sound business cases, whether for a large-scale municipal system, or a more localised industrial facility. 

Services that we provide:

  • Assessment of the best practical treatment and disposal options
  • Environmental effects assessment
  • Detailed design of physical, chemical and biological treatment systems
  • Bench and pilot scale treatment studies to optimise performance
  • Construction management
  • Operational advice
  • Performance review and ‘troubleshooting’ advice
  • Land disposal assessment
  • Wetland treatment systems design
  • Provision of expert evidence for hearings
  • Design of sewerage systems and infrastructure
  • Trade waste management and solutions optioneering
Wastewater Treatment Staff