Avian & Wildlife Ecology

Avian & Wildlife Ecology

Our ecologists work closely with the project delivery teams to review all available options and provide the best hazard management outcomes for clients.

Our ecologists specialise in human and wildlife conflict ecology where our competing needs overlap - such as significant transport and infrastructure projects.  In these instances, detailed wildlife hazard management is needed to support the co-existence of human and wildlife populations, maintaining the safety and success of both the human needs alongside the protection and preservation of endemic biodiversity. We analyse the relationship between people, their land uses and wildlife and their environment, through wildlife surveys, historical and real time GIS data analysis, wildlife biology and the use of holistic management.

Services that we provide:

Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plans

  • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) preparation, review, and audit
  • Civil Aviation Rule (139.71) wildlife management compliance assessments
  • Integrating Airport WHMPs Grounds Management Plans, Pest Management Plans and Mosquito Vector Compliance Plans
  • Bird Strike/Risk Assessments
  • Plan and programme audits and advice
  • Regulatory and legislative advice for landowners/managers


Airline Consultation

  • Bird Strike/Risk assessments
  • Technical advice and consultation
  • Wildlife Management Hazard Management design and review
  • WHMP audits


Private Wildlife Hazard Management Assessments

  • Technical advice and consultation
  • Airport bird strike risk assessment for building consent and land development consent within ‘airport zone’ land
  • Designation reviews
  • Bird strike risk evaluation
  • Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) preparation, review, and audit


New Zealand Aviation Wildlife Hazard Management Group (NZAWHG)


Our own Lizzie Civil facilitates and chairs the NZAWHG on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAA).  The NZAWHG has been established for 7 years and comprises a group of airports, airlines, pilots, airways, consultants, and equipment suppliers related to the aviation sector within Aotearoa New Zealand.  The group works together to enhance aviation and wildlife safety through, legislation, education, best practice, technological advancements, and ongoing support to members of the NZAWHG.

Avian & Wildlife Ecology Staff