New Zealand – ASEAN Renewable Energy Facility

Since mid-2018 PDP has managed the NZ-ASEAN Renewable Energy Facility, an International Development Cooperation programme funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT). The goal of the Facility is to support increased beneficial use of renewable energy resources in Lao PDR and Cambodia, to enable economic and social development.

Through a portfolio of technical assistance and capacity building Projects, the Facility has provided flexible and responsive support to the governments of Lao PDR and Cambodia, in coordination with support from other donors including World Bank, Australia, Switzerland and the USA.

The Facility has an operating budget of NZD 11.85 million, of which NZD 1.0 million has been allocated to projects in Cambodia. The Facility will continue until early 2025.

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Key Aspects
  • Tristan Bellingham (a PDP Technical Director) has been based in Vientiane, Lao PDR, since mid-2018 as Facility Manager.
  • Working closely with the Lao PDR Ministry of Energy and Mines, and with NZ MFAT, the Facility develops technical assistance and capacity building projects to respond to key Government of Lao PDR priorities that align with the Facility’s results framework.
  • Projects have included:

o   Dam safety reviews, training and technical assistance for small and large hydropower dams (delivered by Damwatch, AECOM and Stantec).

o   Development of a Renewable Energy Strategy that aligns with Lao PDR’s natural resources and priorities (delivered by Castalia).

o   Support for implementation of Lao PDR’s Energy Efficiency Policy (delivered by FCG NZ).

o   Training and technical assistance on Power System Operation and Planning (delivered by RBP).

  • The Facility has also recently engaged with the Royal Government of Cambodia and commenced similar technical assistance activities focused on the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency (delivered by EnergyLab Cambodia).

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