Kokomea PurePods

Kokomea PurePods
Kāpiti Coast

We were engaged by PurePods Ltd to undertake an investigation, to aid in the building consent and for the construction of Kokomea PurePod close to Ōtaki, on the Kāpiti Coast.

The investigation included an assessment of any surrounding natural hazards, a geotechnical ground investigation to identify the consistency and density of the underlying soils which was used in the detailed design of the foundation system, the Biolytix BF6 wastewater system and the design of the stormwater disposal system.

Kokomea PurePod

PurePods Limited



2011 - 2020

Key Aspects
  • Natural Hazard assessment
  • Identification of suitable disposal areas for waste and stormwater to not exacerbate erosion
  • Clear and concise reporting, including all necessary aspects required by the local regional council to grant consent