GRP Project

GRP Project
Repurposing former mining site for landfill

PDP was engaged by a large waste management entity to develop a design solution to repurpose a former coal mine into a construction and demolition waste landfill.  Our Geotech team needed to undertake investigations at the site, assess the stability of the open cut slopes and design suitable leachate and stormwater controls.

A GIS database was developed to efficiently record the site geomorphology and geotechnical investigation data to be utilized by site staff and visitors.  This was used in designs and quality control to better map out distribution of testing done both prior to and during construction.

GRP Project

PDP also assisted the client with site inspections and construction monitoring while the design was being built. The construction methodology had to be carefully planned due to existing unstable slopes and lack of information available on the components of the buried waste.

Key Aspects:
  • Open pit slope stability
  • Geo-hazard management
  • Stormwater and drainage design
  • Landfill liner design
  • Leachate treatment system design
  • Construction monitoring and review for issue of PS4