Tinaku Project

PDP were engaged by Ellesmere Sustainable Agriculture Inc. to assess the feasibility of connecting Jollies Brook to the Rakaia River Lagoon, with the aim of improving fish passage.  Jollies Brook flows into a hapuā and does not typically flow freely to the sea.  Presently, a culvert is in place designed to discharge Jollies Brook to the sea, however this is regularly blocked with gravels caused by wave action on the seaward side.



Tinaku Project v2

PDP undertook a hydraulic and ecological assessment that investigated both the existing and predicted ecological impacts of reconnecting Jollies Brook, its hapuā, and the Rakaia River Lagoon, as well as the hydraulic and ecological risks and benefits.  A field study investigated pest plant abundance, spawning habitat, surface water connectivity and other fish passage barriers. Consultation with landowners resulted in the potential for the two lagoons to be connected.

Tinaku Project 2

Ellesmere Sustainable Agriculture Inc.