Water Take – Groundwater Effects Assessment

Client:  Confidential Client
Date:  2019 – 2020

We provided support for a water-take consent application to Auckland Council for the irrigation of a proposed Kiwifruit orchard in the form of a groundwater effects report.

The scope included:

  • Outlining how much water the orchard would require.
  • Determining whether sufficient water was available.
  • Assessing whether bores on the site could provide the required water.
  • Determining effects on the environment and third parties.
  • Advising on specific consent conditions that should be imposed to address these matters if the consent was granted.

The project involved the identification and assessment of effects on neighbouring bores.  The advice was provided to the council to determine who needed to be notified of the consent application.  We concluded that some neighbouring bores may be affected by the water take.  These parties were notified, with several submissions lodged with the council.  We consulted with neighbouring landowners and designed and supervised drilling and testing programmes to provide certainty over water supply and effects from the proposed groundwater abstraction.  The application went to a commissioner’s hearing, we presented expert evidence and was involved in developing consent conditions to mitigate concerns of the submitters, allowing the consent to be granted.

Key Aspects:

  • Consultation with Iwi and affected parties
  • Design and supervision of the drilling and testing programmes
  • Identification/determination of potentially affected bore owners
  • Assessment of potential effects
  • Council liaison over the drafting of consent conditions
  • Preparation and presentation of evidence
  • Obtaining relevant approval for long-term monitoring

Client:  Confidential Client
Date:  2019 – 2020


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