Hobsonville Point Site Investigations and Remediation

Client: Hobsonville Land Company
Date:  Ongoing

PDP has been involved in the investigation and remediation of the former Airforce base at Hobsonville, Auckland, for over 10 years.  During this time, the site has been redeveloped for primarily residential purposes, and has required the investigation and remediation of contamination caused by both historical and more recent land uses and activities.

The sources of contamination at the site are related to a wide variety of land uses and activities including mechanical repair and maintenance, equipment washing, fuel and chemical storage, military activities such as the firing and disposal of small arms ordinance, land filling (waste disposal) and fill placement, and the construction and maintenance of built structures.  Accordingly, a broad range of contaminant types have been found to be present at the site including heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, and asbestos.

The investigation activities undertaken by PDP have ranged from desk top Preliminary Site Investigations, to intrusive sampling activities, to remediation planning, implementation,  supervision, and validation.  PDP has investigated soil, stream bed sediments, surface water and groundwater at the site, both on a broad scale across large areas, and as part of targeted investigations of small point sources of contamination.  The scope of our investigation activities at the site has also included the testing of houses for methamphetamine residues.  We have prepared several resource consent applications, including Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEEs), to remediate various locations within the wider site.

PDP are proud of our longstanding and collaborative relationship with the principal site developer (Hobsonville Land Company), and with the many land developers and contractors with whom we have worked during the course of the site development; and with the part we have played in ensuring that the development of Hobsonville Point can proceed.

Key Aspects:

  • Preliminary Site Investigation
  • Intrusive sampling
  • Remediation planning and implementation
  • Consultation and consent procurement
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects

Client: Hobsonville Land Company
Date:  Ongoing

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