Amberley Flood Protection

Client:  Hurunui District Council
Date:  2013 – 2015

We were engaged by Hurunui District Council to conduct an investigation into existing flooding concerns associated with local drainage in and around Amberley and Amberley Beach.

A number of site visits coupled with meetings with flood-affected members of the public were held in an attempt to gain a full understanding of the flooding issues. It became obvious, through these site visits and discussions, that the flooding issues being experienced were wide-ranging, and that the best approach to dealing with these was to consider the entire catchment in any proposed mitigation works.

The catchment was hydraulically modelled and a number of diversion and upgrade options were identified to mitigate the effects of future storm events.  These options were presented to Hurunui District Council and we were further engaged to procure consents, carry out detailed design, engage with affected landowners and provide construction management for the flood mitigation works.

One of the flood mitigation works to be constructed was the Lawcocks Road diversion. This involved the construction of a flood flow diversion from Dock Creek towards the Kowai River. Our team prepared the full detailed design package including drawings, tender specifications and construction supervision. This diversion has been successful in diverting flood flows through a number of storm events over the past few years.


Key Aspects:

  • Hydrological and hydraulic analysis of streams within Amberley
  • Detailed design of flood diversion works
  • Resource consenting for diversion of flood waters
  • Extensive public consultation
  • Tender preparation and construction supervision

Client:  Hurunui District Council
Date: 2013 – 2015



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