Sisira Jayanatha


Technical Director - Water Infrastructure

Sisira is a CMEngNZ, CPEng and IntPE with over 25 years of experience in water infrastructure design, engineering and construction.  He is also a Board Member, of the Competence Assessment Board (CAB) of Engineering New Zealand.  Since 1999 Sisira has acted as a Civil and Environmental Practice Area Assessor, was heavily involved in the IPENZ Wellington Branch activities and held both Secretary and Treasurer positions.

Sisira has worked in both local government and private entities in the capacity of Engineering Lead, Engineer to Contract, Project Manager, Project Director and Business Manager. He has worked in the capacity of client, consultant, and contractor.

As a strategic thinker with the ability to translate the vision into operation, Sisira aims to contribute to the engineering community by championing diversity and social responsibility while fulfilling my responsibilities as a business leader.