Peter Callander


Technical Director - Water Resources

Peter is PDP’s Christchurch based Director, with over 25 years of experience in environmental assessment and management, with a focus on groundwater and contamination issues.  He was the lead author of nationally utilised guideline documents dealing with the effects of groundwater pumping on surface water bodies and the management and monitoring of sea water intrusion on groundwater in coastal aquifers.

Possessing significant experience as an expert witness, Peter has provided technical evidence related to groundwater effects in hearings for the consenting of landfills, hydro-electric power schemed, and community irrigation schemes.  He is also involved in hearings and debate regarding groundwater allocation and water management issues and planning requirements to protect both surface water and groundwater quality.

As a certified Independent Hearing Commissioner Peter has fulfilled that role for regional council hearing panels dealing with resource consent applications for water abstraction and wastewater discharge activities.