Guy Knoyle


Technical Director – Contaminated Land

Guy is a Contaminated Land Technical Director with over 20 years consulting experience in environmental and contaminated site investigations.  Currently, he project manages a large portion of diverse contaminated site assessments including commercial/industrial and large scale residential developments, former market gardens, horticultural and timber treatment sites, pesticide storage depots, landfills (waste characterisation/disturbance management and landfill gas assessments), the petroleum industry, former gas works sites, asbestos impacted soils and illicit methamphetamine laboratories, with experience attained over several hundred sites.

Guy’s knowledge has also allowed him to present technical evidence on behalf of various clients, as part of a multi-disciplinary team, at District Court, Environment Court mediation, Restorative Justice and at numerous joint territorial and regional authority hearings.

Guy has also established a broad network of industry related contacts which enables him to draw upon a wider skill set, if need be, to provide further confidence to the client that the best level of experience is being provided to them.

Guy strongly adheres to PDP’s stringent health and safety philosophy and ensures that all field staff are fully conversant with potential onsite risks before commencing field works.