Water Resources

Water Resources

We provide specialist engineering and scientific services in groundwater resource investigation and the development of water resources infrastructure.
Services that we provide:
  • Drilling and hydrogeological investigation to assess supply potential
  • Hydrogeological modelling to evaluate effects of abstraction
  • Assessment of groundwater quality
  • Computer modelling to predict effects of contaminant discharges
  • Environmental assessment and resource consent applications
  • Groundwater well siting, design, yield and depth analysis
  • Design and construction management of water reticulation, pump stations, reservoirs and water treatment infrastructure.

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)

MAR is a growing sector in New Zealand due to freshwater stress, regulatory focus, and increased economic viability of sustainable use and re-use of water resources. It is becoming increasingly recognised that in many instances and applications, the huge storage & filtration capacities of aquifers can offer significant advantages over other traditional water storage and recovery methods. PDP has been actively working on MAR projects for over 30 years; building an extensive track record across a range of clients and industries.

PDP has helped clients realise and utilise the water storage & water recovery potential available right beneath their feet – from large-scale soakage of urban storm water to scoria in Auckland, diversion of winter river flows to gravel aquifers for summer irrigation in Canterbury, or deep well groundwater abstraction & re-injection for heating/cooling in Christchurch – PDP has delivered successful outcomes. The vast potential of MAR in many regions of NZ remains largely undiscovered or untapped. Call PDP’s groundwater experts to discuss how MAR can be used to benefit your project.

MAR services that we provide:

  • Prefeasibility surveys & studies, including automated GIS-based MCA tools for target identification
  • Field trial planning, testing, and consent applications
  • Scheme option analysis
  • MAR resource quantification & benefit assessment
  • Water quality & geochemistry assessment
  • MAR scheme detailed design and costing
  • MAR for groundwater heat/cooling; source assessment, design, costing & consenting
  • Environmental effects assessment & resource consent applications