Geospatial Services

Geospatial Services

Our Geospatial Services team performs analytical techniques to solve problems and display spatial information to aid decision making for a wide variety of applications.  This includes the management, analysis and effective use of data.

Our team provides key input to most projects carried out at PDP.  There is a spatial element to the majority of PDP projects and therefore we provide a crucial role in supporting the various PDP Services as well as providing geospatial services directly to clients.

Methods for the improvement in data accuracy, management and efficiency are important to us and our clients, such as mobile GIS opportunities, geospatial tools, keeping track of new national or local spatial datasets availability.

We place a high importance upon staying current with technology so that we can provide expert consulting to our clients.

Our team consists of GIS and CAD specialists with many years of experience with their respective software and the interoperability between them.

Services that we provide:
  • Spatial data management
  • Database development / design
  • Spatial analysis
  • High quality maps and plan production
  • Mobile GIS applications for data collection in the field
  • Data translation from different sources and formats into spatial and tabular information
  • Use of AutoCAD to produce technical drawings for our engineering projects and projects which are required by clients to be delivered in CAD format
  • Providing training and producing detailed internal standards and procedure manuals.
  • Performing projects using client templates and client standard procedures as well as using our own high standard GIS and CAD templates and procedures.