Contaminated Land & Hazardous Waste

Contaminated Land & Hazardous Waste

Our highly skilled Engineers and Scientists are ‘suitably qualified and experienced practitioners’ (SQEPs) who can provide you with technical advice that is at the forefront of legislation, guidance and the industry’s best practice.  We will find cost effective solutions for your contaminated land issues.

We specialise in contaminated land management where contaminants have been released into the environment.  PDP has undertaken investigation of a diverse range of contaminated sites including for the petroleum industry, commercial/industrial and large scale residential developments, former market gardens, horticultural and timber treatment sites, former gasworks sites, pesticide storage depots, landfills, asbestos impacted soils and asbestos building audits, and illicit methamphetamine laboratories, with experience attained over several thousand sites.

PDP was one of the earliest specialised firms in New Zealand focusing in contaminated land with the result that we are at the leading edge of practice in New Zealand.  We maintain an edge by participating in the advancement of professional practice in New Zealand through contributions to workshops, conferences, guideline document development, membership of expert panels and submissions to consultation documents.

Services that we provide:
  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) to determine contamination sources from past and present land use activities
  • Identification of Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) land uses
  • Conceptual Site Models to assess risks to human health and the environment
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) involving intrusive site investigations of air, soil, soil gas and/or water conditions
  • Assessment of environmental effects (AEE)
  • Preparation of Remedial Action Plans and Site Management Plans
  • Design, construction and supervision of remedial works (e.g. excavation, land farming, pumping and treating of groundwater)
  • Pre-purchase/due diligence contaminated land property assessments
  • Preparation of resource consent applications under the NES Regulations, territorial and regional authorities
  • Asbestos investigations, management plans and risk assessments associated with asbestos containing material in soils
  • Asbestos building audits and inspections
  • Illicit methamphetamine impacted property assessments
  • Monitoring of air, groundwater and surface water
  • Independent technical peer review of consultant reports
  • Training programmes on the management of contaminated sites
  • Provision of expert evidence for hearings, District Court and the Environment Court
Working with the NESCS

The National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NESCS) was implemented by the government in 2012 to ensure that land affected by soil contaminants is identified, assessed – and if necessary, remediated to make the land safe for use.  The standard is enforced by councils nationwide to provide consistent planning controls and soil contaminant values.  Our Contaminated Land team are familiar with and experienced in meeting NESCS requirements.

  • Any Detailed Site Investigations required as part of meeting NESCS requirements will be carried out using up to date field equipment such as our own XRF portable analyser, Photo-Ionising Detectors and Landfill Gas meters.  We also make use of GIS platforms that allow real-time field data to be relayed to our office based Project Managers and ensure that correct data is collected first time.
  • Investigation reports are prepared to meet both MfE reporting requirements and the objectives of the environmental investigation.  We ensure we have a good understanding of the site dynamics by developing a Conceptual Site Model, which enables a robust human health and environmental assessment to be considered. 
  • We also have a long established working relationship with both territorial and regional councils throughout New Zealand which includes providing technical review of resource consent applications as well as working on council owned sites.  Our understanding of this process ensures that any resource consenting requirements with regards to the NESCS for all of our clients are achieved.