Wairau Estuary Enhancement Investigation Report

Client:  Auckland Council (Healthy Waters Department)
Date:  2018

We were engaged in 2018 as environmental consultants for Auckland Council (Healthy Waters Department) to complete an estuary enhancement investigation of Wairau Estuary on Auckland’s North Shore.  The objective of this project was to provide specialist advice to guide future restoration and enhancement initiatives for the improvement of the ecological health of the Wairau Estuary, which is designated as a Significant Ecological Area in the Auckland Unitary Plan.  This project will also help to inform plans for a boardwalk development over the Wairau Estuary.

Through desktop and field assessments, as well as community and board engagement, we provided technical guidance for future restoration and enhancement initiatives.  Key outcomes included mitigation measures for high urban contaminant loads discharging from the local stormwater network, options for habitat and biodiversity enhancement within the estuary, and considerations towards ecological preservation and community education for the future boardwalk development.

Key Aspects:

  • Desktop review of existing information for the Wairau Estuary
  • Engagement with the local community and board
  • Desktop assessment of the stormwater network discharging to the Wairau Estuary
  • Site assessment of the Wairau Estuary, including identification and mapping of existing habitat types
  • High-level assessment of opportunities for enhancement
  • Summary of enhancement options available to improve the overall state of the Wairau Estuary

Client:  Auckland Council (Healthy Waters Department)
Date:  2018

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