Town Water Supply Bore

Client: Rodney District Council
Date: 2008

In 2006, planning of the public water supply to Helensville township indicates that its existing water sources would require augmentation in the near future.

We were engaged to investigate the potential for the supply of groundwater from the Awaroa valley aquifer to future proofing within the area.

Our initial project scope required the drilling of an investigatory bore at a suitable location in the valley, and conducting of test-pumping to determine the volume and quality of water that could be safely abstracted.

Those investigations indicated that the bore would yield up to 500 cubic metres per day of good quality water.  The investigations also assessed the geology of the site and the applicability of the test bore for being developed into the production well.  It was anticipated that the drilling of the test bore the bore would be suitable for adoption as a production well.  This proved to be correct.

Following on from the successful outcome of the test drilling and pumping, our engagement was extended to include detailed design and production of tender documents for installation of the permanent bore-pump and the construction of a 2 kilometre pipeline to deliver the new raw water to the town’s treatment plant.

The bore is of 150mm nominal diameter and 200 metres deep, and the pump is to be installed at a depth of 80 metres.

All the design, pipe work design and process equipment selection was done by our team.

Watercare has constructed the production bore but has shelved the pipeline portion of the project until growth in the area necessitates its construction.

Key Aspects:

  • Yield investigation
  • Detailed design

Client: Rodney District Council
Date: 2008

The Project involved:
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic assessment
  • Managing groundwater modeling and assessments
  • Preliminary and detailed design
  • Construction estimates and tender document formation
PDP activities included:
  • Preparation of all design and contract documentation
  • Coordination between suppliers and site engineering staff and overall project planning
  • Construction administration for the bore installation.
Production bore secured with raised and concreted cap
to mitigate contamination of the well.

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