Tahuna Road Water Supply

Client: Whakatane District Council
Date: Ongoing

Tahuna Road supply provides Te Teko Township with high-quality potable water.  It is a relatively small supply (<8 L/s) and is the primary source for Te Teko. However, the water supply consists of an unsealed shallow bore (approximately 30 m deep), which is in a flood zone.  Thereby making it exposed to contaminants such as protozoa and giardia.  The proposed works at Tahuna Road wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will help achieve (protozoal) compliance with DWSNZ.

We were engaged by Whakatane District Council (WDC) to undertake the investigation and detailed design for the Tahuna Road Water Supply.  We provided specialist professional services for the treatment plant, pump station, carried out an options assessment and ensured protozoal compliance with DWSNZ.

Chlorination, cartridge filtration and UV disinfection have been utilized at the WWTP to meet the DWSNZ criteria.  HSNO guidelines were followed for the storage of these chemicals, which included an emergency gas detector in case of chlorine leakage.

The project was completed on time and within budget, following a series of variations.

Key Aspects:

  • Investigation
  • Options assessment, detailed design

Client: Whakatane District Council
Date: Ongoing

The design consisted of the following:

  • Bore Pump and Booster Pump selection
  • Chlorination
  • Cartridge filtration
  • Ultraviolet Light disinfection
  • Monitoring (pH, turbidity and chlorine)
  • 31m³ plastic tank for treated potable water

Key design elements:

  • Options Assessment
  • DWSNZ compliance (Protozoal and bore water security)
  • Raising the 154mm bore above the 100 year flood level to prevent ingress of SW and contaminants
  • Arranging and positioning all treatment units, pumps and pipework in the pump building, while maintaining walking space
  • Preliminary and detailed design for a flow of 15 L/s
  • Construction estimates and tender document formation
  • Project Management

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