Contaminated Site Investigations Reporting Specifications and Templates

Client: New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)
Date: 2016

The client was concerned that contaminated site investigations carried out by various consultants across their estate were not being conducted to the same standard and information was not displayed in the same way to be able to compare data collected across sites. 

Consultants would also benefit from having clearer specifications and templates to use because projects could then be priced more accurately and deliverable deadlines could be more easily met.

Specifications and templates were developed for contaminated site investigations.

The specifications included:

  • A summary of best practice for undertaking investigations of contaminated sites for preliminary site investigations and detailed site investigations
  • The preparation of figures
  • The preparation of conceptual site models
  • The collection of GIS data for input into feature class templates that fit into the existing NZDF GIS system

The templates included:

  • Geospatial templates
    • Feature classes in file geodatabase format to capture all necessary information that would be able to be incorporated into the NZDF ArcGIS Enterprise system
    • Map documents (.mxd) for all required figures to accompany reports
    • CAD template for the graphic conceptual site model including standard blocks, layers and colours
  • Reporting templates
    • Word document formatted for reports
    • Visio document for flow chart conceptual site model


Key Aspects:

  • Provide specifications and templates to be used and followed by consultants when conducting and collecting data for contaminated site investigations on the NZDF estate.
  • Ensure that reports and data collected was as consistent and as accessible as possible for all ongoing and future work.

Client: New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)
Date: 2016

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