Queensland Gas Pipeline Erosion Protection Works

Client: Origin Energy
Date: 2012

Parts of Origin Energy’s CSG pipeline network were exposed during extensive flooding in the December 2010/January 2011 Queensland Floods.  We were commissioned to develop erosion protection designs for 10 pipeline river crossings that had experienced extreme channel degradation (up to 5m), bank erosion (10m+), and damage to structures.  Remediation of badly damaged access tracks was also part of the scope of work.

Geotechnical site investigations were undertaken to provide key foundation parameters at sites where large structures were required.  Initial options were developed for each site which included check dams, drop structures, rock and geofabric protection, road realignments and overtopping road/culvert structures.

Options were appraised based on risks associated with each section of the pipeline and the need for reliable road access.  Detailed design and construction drawings were developed for each site with construction at several key sites completed in late 2011.

The protection works have successfully withstood several major flood events since being in place.

Key Aspects:

  • Flood protection design for CSG pipeline network
  • Stream channels
  • Access tracks
  • Road crossings

Client: Origin Energy
Date: 2012

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