Pukeuri Plant UV Disinfection Upgrade

Client: Alliance Group Ltd
Date: June 2013

We were engaged by Alliance Group Ltd to assist in meeting resource consent microbial discharge limits at their Pukeuri plant.  The plant is an integrated meat and by-products processing plant, that discharges up to 12,000m³/day of biologically treated wastewater via pre-treatment, two activated sludge lagoons (operated in parallel) and a secondary clarifier.

Through an options study, we proposed an inline UV disinfection system to fit within the existing system constraints, meet the seasonal flow variations and minimise operating costs.  The upgrade consisted of a pump lift station, two separate UV lines with inline reactors, MCC controls and provision for a third line for flow increases up to 15,000m³/day.  We carried out the feasibility options analysis, detailed design, construction management and commissioning of the works.

The UV disinfection system was designed for 12,000m³/day with a 3 Log faecal coliform reduction and a maximum TSS concentration of 75mg/L.  Two Wedeco LBX 1000 in–pipe reactors were installed, one on each treatment line.  Each unit has 40 No. low-pressure 330-watt lamps and maximum power consumption of 14.5kW/unit. The automatic bulb wiping system is supplemented with a phosphoric acid washing system.

The system is designed to accommodate for a third UV reactor for future production increases and a means of filtration if increases in TSS occur.

We developed the concept design and was responsible for all aspects of detailed process design, civil design, mechanical equipment specification and construction management, electrical and process control specification and commissioning.

Results show that the system more than meets the consented microbial discharge limits.

Key Aspects: 

  • Engineer
  • Procure and commission

Client: Alliance Group Ltd
Date: June 2013

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