Restoration and Betterment – Unique Christchurch Waterway Catchment Post-Earthquake

Client:  Christchurch City Council
Date: 2013

The Christchurch earthquake series caused widespread land damage across Christchurch Cit, including damage to the city’s waterways.  Impacts on the city’s waterways included bed heave, settlement, liquefaction and lateral spread of banks.

We were engaged by Christchurch City Council to undertake a series of investigations to determine the extent of earthquake damage and its effects on the “six-values” (drainage, ecology, landscape, recreation, heritage and culture) in the Wairarapa Stream and Wai-iti Stream.

The ultimate purpose of this project was to identify options to remediate these unique and valuable waterways to pre-earthquake improvements.

In conjunction with site visits and stream surveys, a hydraulic capacity model of the streams was built using the MIKE modelling software.  The purpose of the model was to identify and compare areas where post-earthquake capacity no longer meets the pre-earthquake capacity.  Options were developed for long-term betterment which would enhance all six values.

Key Aspects:

  • Restoration
  • Earthquake recovery
  • Six-values

Client:  Christchurch City Council
Date: 2013

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