HAIL Areas Mapping Using the esri ArcCollector App

Client: Various
Date: 2016

With client approval, the field mapping of HAIL (Hazardous Activities and Industry List) areas using the esri ArcCollector application utilising our ArcGIS online subscription was successfully trialed.


Prior to the fieldwork, a HAIL areas feature class was developed to include the capture of all attribute information within relevant fields and included drop down lists to ensure the data was collected consistently and thoroughly.  Desktop investigations were carried out looking at the historical aerial imagery and historical plans to identify potential HAIL areas.  The HAIL areas were then confirmed during site visits using ArcCollector on Ipads to find the locations in the field and populate the attribute table.

To set up the ArcCollector app for the field work, the HAIL areas feature class and map view was shared to the PDP Contaminated Sites Group on the ArcGIS online cloud using ArcGIS Pro.  The ArcCollector app was then installed on our dedicated field Ipads and password protected access to the web map was administered to the relevant field staff. The base map used was the current aerial photography provided as part of ArcGIS online.

HAIL areas were identified in a walk around onsite and from discussions with employees during the site visits as well as from desktop investigations using historical aerial imagery and maps.

Once the field work was complete, then some minor QA/QC was involved following the download of the data back to the PDP Server.  All in all, this method saved time in the field and in the office, as well as ensuring that all required data was collected and was consistent.


Key Aspects:

  • Field data collection using mobile GIS technologies using esri ArcCollector app

Client: Various
Date: 2016

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