Groundwater Level Monitoring and Production Bore Pump Replacement

Client: Watercare
Date:  2016

We were engaged by Watercare Services Limited (Watercare) to remove and replace two production bore pumps and investigate and install groundwater level monitoring equipment into three groundwater bores located in the township of Waiuku.  The installation of monitoring equipment was to enable resource consent compliance for the water supply for the Waiuku township.

Given that the production bores service the water supply for the township of Waiuku, any shutdown of the production bore required work to be done during low water demand periods, i.e. during night hours, and had to be operational again before peak demands commenced.  To achieve this, we had to plan work progress and manage sub-contractors to tight timeframes.

The existing bore casings were very constricted in diameter (only 23mm of leeway was available for sensors and conduits to be deployed); therefore options for the monitoring of groundwater levels were very limited.  Furthermore, the variability in groundwater levels (variances up to 50 metres) also influenced the design of the monitoring systems.  To negate the design constraints of the site, we sought custom-built Advanced Bubbler systems that would enable groundwater levels to be obtained.

Key Aspects:

  • Monitoring viability assessment.
  • Replacement of production bore pumps.
  • CCTV inspection.
  • Installation of Advanced Bubbler monitoring systems and quality assurance systems.
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures and Maintenance manuals
  • Preparation of electrical drawings.
  • Training of Watercare staff on the use and maintenance of the Advanced Bubbler monitoring systems.
  • Preparation of health and safety documentation.
  • Sub-contractor management.


Client: Watercare
Date:  2016

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