Greenlea Morrinsville Wastewater Treatment Facility

Client: Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd
Date: August 2011

We have been closely involved with Greenlea Premier Meats Limited – Morrinsville since 2006 in various environmental work at the Morrinsville meatworks plant.

The establishment of a new wastewater treatment facility at Morrinsville was an exciting development for Greenlea Premier Meats Limited as the wastewater treatment plant had to be designed to cater for large future loads but fit in with the current discharge limits, and allow for minimum discharge costs as a trade waste to the Morrinsville Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).  One of the key constraints was the reduction of the amount of nitrogen, especially total nitrogen that could be discharged into the Matamata Piako District Council-owned Morrinsville STP.  Another key constraint was locating a biological wastewater treatment plant in the vicinity of populated residential housing.

In determining the constraints we recommended that Greenlea Premier Meats Limited undertake full biological treatment including anaerobic treatment and biological nitrogen removal (BNR), by establishing a two-reactor based system.  The development was for a fully covered anaerobic lagoon followed by an anaerobic sequencing batch reactor.  The biogas generated from the covered anaerobic lagoon would be combusted in a biogas flare unit.  The key objective of the new plant was to maintain very low concentrations of organics (BOD) and nitrogen in the treated wastewater discharged as trade waste. The construction started in February 2011 with the commissioning of the completed plant beginning in October 2011.

Client: Greenlea Premier Meats Ltd
Date: August 2011

PDP undertook all the process design, developed the detailed design, assisted with major equipment procurement, undertook construction tendering, construction supervision and commissioning. PDP assisted Greenlea Premier Meats Limited to obtain an acceptable trade wastes agreement with Matamata Piako District Council.  PDP also assisted the company in obtaining the relevant resource consents for the establishment of a new wastewater treatment facility.

The Greenlea Premier Meats Limited Morrinsville Plant is understood to be one of the best practice wastewater treatment plants in the meat industry in the Waikato Region.

PDP developed the concept and evaluated options and then had the challenge of establishing a greenfield wastewater treatment plant in close proximity to a populated residential area.

We were responsible for all aspects of process design, mechanical equipment specification, earthworks and construction management, electrical and process control specification and commissioning.

  • Assisting Greenlea Premier Meats Limited through the resource consent and trade waste agreement process and establishing the most suitable load criteria.
  • Detailed process and engineering design of the wastewater treatment facility including pump station and rising mains. Tendering and construction management of the treatment plant.
  • Preparation of all design and technical specifications for earthworks, pipework, lining, equipment selection.
  • Coordination between suppliers and site engineering staff and overall project planning.
  • Trouble shooting during commissioning and during the running of trials.
  • PDP continues to provide on-going treatment plant operational assistance as required.

All the process design, development of operations manual and management plan was done by PDP.

Greenlea Premier Meats Limited continued the processing while the physical works upgrade was undertaken. This meant ensuring the construction did not affect any aspect of production.

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