Globe Progress Mine Geotechnics

Client:  OceanaGold Corporation
Date:  2016

OceanaGold’s Reefton project, Globe Progress open cut mine is currently planning for mine site closure.  As part of OceanaGold’s commitment to safe operations, we were requested to assess the geotechnical stability of the open-cut slopes due to recently observed instability.  A summary of all geo-hazards at the site relating to rockfall, ground subsidence, erosion and slope failure was made.

A GIS database was developed to efficiently record all the geo-hazards and related geotechnical data to be utilised by site staff and visitors.  The information can be presented in map form or overlain onto designs for the management of hazards and mine planning.   Periodic updates provide a method of monitoring slope stability changes, documenting movement events and can also be used in conjunction with site rehabilitation plans.

Following the Kaikoura Earthquake of November 2016, we were commissioned to assess the stability and condition of the open cut mine, infrastructure, waste rock stacks and tailings impoundments.  The mine site pit slopes, waste facilities and general infrastructure were designed for strong seismic activity appropriate for the region.  The levels of ground shaking due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake were assessed to be low and the damage caused by the earthquake was insignificant.

Currently,  OGC is finalising rehabilitation plans for mine site closure.  We have made preliminary assessments of the potential geotechnical issues and how they may influence factors such as future site access and the environment.  These will inform the decisions made around mine closure planning and the longevity of remedial works completed at the site.

Key Aspects:

  • Open-pit slope stability and geo-hazard management
  • Earthquake damage assessment
  • Appraisal of geotechnical issue related to mine site closure

Client:  OceanaGold Corporation
Date:  2016

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