Expert Witness Quarry Development

Client:  Environment Canterbury
Date:  2020

We were engaged by Environment Canterbury to advise on the air quality assessment of effects for a proposed quarry, involving a review of the FIDOL assessment approach and proposed monitoring and mitigation for dust sources as representative of good practice.

A significant aspect of the effects assessment work was a reliance on an air quality monitoring programme undertaken around quarries at Yaldhurst that incorporated PM10, PM2.5 and RCS.  Our work involved the review and application of this data for an understanding of the potential effects.  Another key aspect was the application of emission factors to estimate the various quarry sources, for example, open areas, truck movements and stockpiles, to consider the potential quantum of offsets needed under the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NESAQ).

Key Aspects:

  • Air quality monitoring data review
  • Effects assessment and mitigation
  • Review and response to submissions
  • NESAQ application
  • Expert witness caucusing and evidence

Client:  Environment Canterbury
Date:  2020


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