Expert Witness Handling Bulk Solids

Client:  J Swap
Date:  2020

We were engaged by J Swap to advise on the Handling of Bulk Solids rules in the proposed BOPRC Natural Resources Regional Plan that would require activities such as the storage of stock food and other bulk solids of a similar nature to obtain discretionary resource consents for discharges to air.  The particular issue assessed was dust, within the Gazetted Mount Maunganui Airshed at the Port of Tauranga under the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality.  Our team are currently providing expert evidence to the Environment Court relating to an appeal on the rule by J Swaps. 

Our team has provided assistance on monitoring dust generated from the bulk handling facilities, advised on mitigation as necessary, and analysed the BOPRC’s air quality monitoring data concerning the relative impacts of sources of particulate from the Port activities, using polar frequency plots, to form a sound basis for evidence on the source of particulate issues in Mount Maunganui. 

We reviewed relevant provisions from other regional plans to inform the advice on an appropriate rule to address this activity, including appropriate mitigation through permitted activity conditions.

Key Aspects:

  • Air quality monitoring advice and assessment
  • Data review
  • Evidence preparation
  • Polar frequency plots for source identification
  • Regional plan interpretation and rule drafting

Client:  J Swap
Date:  2020


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