Development of Asbestos Survey GIS Tools

Client:  New Zealand Defence Force
Date:  2019 – 2020

We have developed an App and database to capture asbestos management survey information for thousands of structures across the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) estate nationwide.  This App is being used by external asbestos survey companies to complete survey reports and collect data stored in a database.  The App was designed with a focus on facilitating consistent data collection, reporting and creation of an asbestos management database.  The project was initially developed for a single NZDF base but has been expanded to develop the App for wider use across the entire NZDF estate and tie it into existing systems.  The project required in-depth knowledge of, and interoperability between, existing databases and file storage systems. 

The geospatial team then presented the survey data collected in operation dashboards so that the strategic asbestos risk can be better understood spatially across the NZDF estate and also management surveys can be facilitated in a scheduled work programme.

Guidance documents and training was provided as deliverables to ensure all involved in collecting surveys understand the specific requirements by NZDF.

Key Aspects:

  • Developing a tool for mobile data collection which fits into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Consistent and comprehensive data collection
  • GIS data management
  • Mobile data collection tools development
  • Web App development
  • Data interoperability

Client:  New Zealand Defence Force
Date:  2019 – 2020


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