Central Energey Trust Arena Redevelopment – Palmerston North

Client:  Palmerston North City Council
Date:  2018 – 2020

As part of the $17.1 million upgrade to the Central Energy Trust Arena (CETA), PDP was engaged to provide advice on contaminated land matters and the NESCS. 

A PSI was initially undertaken, the objectives of which were to determine the activity history across the 15.8 ha property and produce a report to assist with project planning, particularly in relation to the NESCS.  The report confirmed that the NESCS did not apply to most of the property, enabling PNCC to begin construction in these areas.

PDP subsequently carried out a DSI, targeted to redevelopment works in the southern part of the property.  In addition, an underground fuel tank was removed in accordance with NESCS requirements.  The report confirmed that the investigated areas were suitable for the proposed use, confirmed the consenting requirements under the NESCS and supported the resource consent application.

PDP was retained to produce a Site Management Plan (SMP) which was used to ensure that excavation, disturbance and handling of soils in the redevelopment zones was managed to protect human health, the environment and to meet resource consenting requirements.

Key Aspects:

  • Contaminated Land Assessment
  • Preliminary Site Investigation
  • Detailed Site Investigation
  • Site Management Plan
  • Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for the Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011
  • Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioners

Client:  Palmerston North City Council
Date:  2018 – 2020


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