Baseline Receiving Environment Assessment for Saltwater Creek Stormwater Management Plan

Client:  Timaru District Council
Date:  2016 – 2018

We were engaged in 2016 as environmental consultants for Timaru District Council.  It was requested that we undertake a baseline assessment of Saltwater Creek, South Timaru, to characterise historic and baseline conditions of the receiving environment for the Timaru Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP).  An extensive desktop review characterised historic values within the receiving environment, including recreation and cultural values, water quality, aquatic habitat, and resident wildlife.  A targeted baseline field assessment was then conducted including water quality, surface sediment, and ecological monitoring, to determine the impact of point source discharges from SMWP on these values.  The objective of this assessment was to formulate a baseline from which to compare ecological effects-based assessments in the future, monitoring the performance of the SWMP, and support future consent applications.

The results of this assessment indicate changes in some water quality and sediment characteristics along the length of Saltwater Creek, with contaminant levels generally increase with distance downstream.  Potential stormwater discharge effects downstream of point source discharge locations were also observed.

Key Aspects:

  • Information review of current and historic cultural and ecological values
  • Surface water and sediment sampling
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Technical reporting

Client:  Timaru District Council
Date:  2016 – 2018


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