Rod Lidgard


Contaminated Land Services Leader

Rod is a Contaminated Land specialist with over 10 years’ experience in contaminated land investigation, remediation and management. He has worked across a wide range of New Zealand’s’ geologic terrane on contaminant fate and transport, and design and implementation of strategic ground, groundwater and soil/vapour investigations. His experience has exposed him to a wide range of contaminant investigations including hydrocarbons, gasworks waste, pulp and paper treatment/waste, dioxins, emerging contaminants, landfilling, emergency spill response, and asbestos – delivering excellent health and safety performance throughout these works.

Rod has been heavily involved in complete and “global” consenting works under active regional plans and national standards and always strives to deliver client-focussed results, taking into careful consideration human health and environmental, iwi and cultural issues, to produce an effective consent strategy to benefit all involved.

Rod is also a licensed Asbestos Assessor under WorkSafe NZ.