Natalie Webster


Technical Director – Contaminated Land

Natalie is an Environmental Scientist with over 10 years of experience in contaminated site investigations and environmental management, for both regional authorities and in consultancy.  Her areas of expertise include all aspects of contaminated land management (soil, groundwater and vapour; from Preliminary Site Investigations to remediation), environmental management of industrial sites, environmental site audits, stormwater and surface water sampling, and the production of technical reports, including Assessments of Environmental Effects.

Natalie has extensive experience, both in the field and as a project manager, with organising and undertaking site investigations and environmental assessments for a wide range of environmental issues, and across many varied industry types.  She is regularly involved with determining the requirements of relevant national standards, and of regional and district plans, with respect to environmental investigations.  In addition, she has experience in the preparation of evidence and has appeared as an expert witness in District Court hearings.