Leena Khong


Service Leader – Contaminated Land

Leena is an Environmental Geologist with over 10 years of experience working as a specialist in contaminated land Throughout her professional career, she has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in a variety of environmental and contaminated land projectthroughout New Zealand and Australia.  Some of her work has involved undertaking preliminary and detailed site investigations including remediation of residential and commercial/industrial developmentsenvironmental baseline investigations relating to lease agreementsdue diligence and risk assessments for the divestment of commercial/industrial sites, consent compliance monitoring for hazardous industries including bulk fuel terminals and service stations, and specialist consent reviews for the local council in relation to contaminated land Leena is a proficient project manager who is an advocate of health and safety, encourages best practice, and is adept at delivering projects on a local and nationwide scale. 

Her professional interests include contaminated land risk assessments, remediation, and management of contaminated sites with a drive to provide the most sustainable outcome.  Leena is also an active member of the PDP Sustainability and Community Support Team; a supporter of NZ Blood and thoroughly enjoys organising and partaking in environmental clean-up projects including volunteering in community programmes.