Eoghan O’Neill


Technical Director – Water Infrastructure

Eoghan has more than 12 years of experience in the planning and design of wastewater, water supply and stormwater infrastructure.  He is a specialist in the hydraulic analysis of pipelines and carrying out feasibility studies and concept designs for servicing of large areas for development. Eoghan has also acted as Project Sponsor, and reviewed designs, for a number of significant CCC infrastructure projects.  These projects include Rapaki water supply upgrade, Wilmer’s water supply pump station, Charteris Bay wastewater and water supply reticulation extensions and Little River water supply upgrade.

Since joining PDP in October 2012, Eoghan has been actively involved in leading a number of stormwater, wastewater and water supply investigation and design projects.  These project include the design and construction of water supply pump stations for Christchurch City Council and Whakatane District Council as well as the design and construction of large stormwater detention basins as part of a flood relief programme of works for Christchurch City Council.