Aslan Perwick


Service Leader - Groundwater

Aslan has over 11 years’ experience working on groundwater solutions for large scale resource and civil construction projects. His experience is primarily as a groundwater consulting professional and heavy industry technical advisor.  Aslan has quality experience in large scale projects where he has been an integral part of design and management teams for CAPEX projects, right through from planning and design to commissioning and handover.

Aslan has valuable operational experience with project design and builds including; formal Project Safety Reviews, HAZOP’s, CAPEX decision analysis workshops, project risk analysis, and incident root-cause investigations.  Aslan has also completed ‘White Belt’ Lean Six Sigma operations efficiency training.   In 2012, Aslan received an industry award (Rio Tinto Hero) for his work as part of the Gove Water Balance team.  The team completed a number of critical path projects to secure the viability and environmental management of the Gove tailings facility, including; dam raises, new dam consenting and wastewater reduction strategies.