Aslan Perwick


Service Leader - Water Resources

Aslan is an established hydrogeologist with over 13 years of experience working on large-scale mining, tailings, civil construction, and water resource-focused projects.  Aslan has specialist groundwater qualifications and skills; including 3D & 2D numerical flow and contaminant/solute transport modelling.  Aslan has been a key member of multi-disciplinary teams for large-scale construction and regulatory/approval projects whereby sound groundwater management has often been key to achieving the project objectives and successful outcomes. Aslan has valuable operational experience with project design and builds including; formal Project Safety Reviews, HAZOPs, CAPEX decision analysis workshops, project risk analysis, and incident root-cause investigations. Aslan also has considerable experience performing the role of expert/third-party reviewer, as well as presenting expert evidence at hearings on behalf of clients, regulators, and appellants.