Andrew Sussex


National Health & Safety Manager

Andrew has had 27 years of experience as a consulting engineer in New Zealand and Central Asia.  He has worked on a wide range of environmental projects including site investigations related to oil, gas, timber treatment, horticultural sites, pulp and paper mill wastes, municipal landfills, chemical processing, pesticides, and manufacturing industries.  He has undertaken environmental auditing of industrial sites, risk assessment for sites contaminated with wastes and chemical spills, and peer review of resource consent applications for contaminated site discharges.  He also has been involved in the design and assessment of many land treatment schemes for industrial and sewage effluents.

His contaminated site work has involved soil and groundwater sampling, drilling investigations, risk assessment and computer modelling, determining potential effects of contaminants on human health and the environment.  He has also been involved in the clean-up of many sites including various remediation techniques such as; bioremediation, land-farming, forced air biopiles, pump and treat of groundwater, and phytoremediation.