The annual NZ Coastal Society Conference kicks off today in Invercargill. Alison Clarke, Kate Walker, Nerena Rhodes, Stephanie Williams, Thom Gower and Sam Olufson will all be in attendance.

Today at 3 pm Kate presents ‘PFAS in Fish and Macroinvertebrates within the Waitemata Harbour’. At 4 pm Thom presents ‘Drones for Coastal Water Sampling’ with Tom Porter from Auckland Council. Tomorrow at 11:20 am Sam presents his MSc Thesis ‘Components and Costing of Managed Retreat in a Coastal Setting’.

An article about Thom’s drone sampling appeared in the latest publication of NZCS ‘Coastal News’. Thom’s presentation describes PDP’s innovative method for collecting water samples from offshore – using a drone – that addresses many of the challenges that traditional deepwater sampling faces. The technique allows for rapid deployment and sampling in response to heavy rain events, capturing data when it is needed most while eliminating hazards to staff associated with working over deep water. This novel method is helping to support the Auckland Council’s Safeswim programme and increasing understanding of crucial coastal water quality issues in the Auckland Region.