We’ve introduced a new career framework at PDP with an enhanced pathway for our technical specialists. 

The importance of technical expertise to our business cannot be overstated. Clients engage us for our expertise; we’re proud of it, it differentiates us, and it enables us to provide creative thinking and sound advice. We need people who are recognised within the industry, across NZ and beyond, as the ‘go-to’ specialist in certain fields. They are in demand by our clients for their projects, and they teach and develop our teams. They drive the fundamental and essential technical capability of our company. They enable us to be involved in solving the important infrastructure and environmental challenges facing NZ.

Pattle Delamore Partners CEO, Geoff Milsom said “I hope this new pathway encourages more people to continue to develop their expertise by seeing career growth along a technical career path, with no ceiling.  It allows our people to pursue their technical passion and continually develop this.  By providing more focus on developing our technical expertise, we strive to be at the forefront of the industry and have the next generation of experts in the making”.

Kicking off the introduction of this pathway, we are very pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Rumsby and Parviz Namjou as our first Principals.

Parviz Namjou: Principal – Hydrogeology.  With over 20 years’ experience in hydrogeology, groundwater resource management and development, groundwater modelling and groundwater effects assessment, Parviz is recognised as one of NZ’s leading fractured rock groundwater specialists and has assessed essentially all of Auckland’s major aquifers over his career.

Andrew Rumsby: Principal – Science. Andrew is an Environmental Chemist/Toxicologist who has over 20 years’ experience in contaminated land, sediment and water quality assessments including the evaluation of the fate and ecological impacts of metals and organic compounds in the environment. Andrew’s expertise includes assessing the ecological impacts of chemical exposures, environmental fate and transport modelling and using environmental forensic techniques to identify the source of contaminants. Through his recent work, Andrew has become recognised as one of the leading NZ specialists in PFAS and emerging contaminants.